Relaxation through Art with Brenda Coyle

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We first start with a few relaxation exercises…

Physically and mentally, slowly developing our awareness to the present.

Some of the exercises I have developed are great fun…some full of surprises and some just absolutely intriguing!

It’s all about learning and discovering parts of ourselves through the simple art of creating lines and patterns.

Looking at the relationships we and others have with colour…through our varied social cultures and personal traditions.

Discovering symbolisms and their meaning…throughout history  –  and yet…all the while…creating, creating and creating!

Relaxation through Art with Brenda Coyle 2015

Relaxation through Art with Brenda Coyle 2015

Relaxation through Art with Brenda Coyle 2015

Relaxation through Art with Brenda Coyle 2015

Apparently there have been numerous experiments with memory retention and all of them have shown a significant improvement (up to 29%) when groups of people were given information to retain while doodling.

An idle doodle is visually committed to memory.

Yeah! try telling my teacher at school that…I can vividly remember continuously being told off for doodling…

Do you remember doodling on your exercise books at school. It’s instinctive, all children doodle…but we were made to stop…we were told it was useless and a waste of time.

Learning techniques then were more on the side of receiving information and memorising it…now schools are realising just how important imagery is to enable us to engage, to identify and to connect with what we are learning…resulting with classrooms filled with pictures, diagrams, brainstorming…and doodling…yes doodling would you believe!



Brenda Coyle Mark Making Course Four Brenda Coyle Mark Making Course Three Brenda Coyle Mark Making Course Two Brenda Coyle Mark Making Course ONE Relaxation through art image Brenda Coyle small Relaxation through art image Brenda Coyle

Many of us doodle and don’t really realise what we are doing – but what is a doodle?

In the dictionary it says ‘To scribble, a drawing made absent-mindedly, when not thinking…emm, I’m not quite sure about that…

But it sounds great, creating without thinking!

I can do that…apparently we have always being doing that…and as we know children do it all the time…they just draw without really thinking, they imagine.

I’ll write more soon.

But in the meantime….

Relaxation through Art image

Relaxation through Art

To book your tickets on EVENTBRITE please click here. 

At: The Chapel, St. Margret’s House, Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PL

Date: Friday 12th June 2015 to Friday 3rd July 2015 (4 week course)

Time: 10.30am – 12.30pm

Or to reserve your FREE ticket contact me at:  (maximum 10 tickets available).

The Chapel is a lovely tiny little hidden gem of a building, secretly tucked away in the wonderful gardens of St. Margret’s House in Old Ford Road. It’s not used as a chapel now-a-days, but still has the quietness and stillness of a place of peace. Once inside (you need to go through the famous Gallery Cafe to get to us…by the way the cafe is vegan and serves the best coffee in Bethnal Green….just ask one of the lovely friendly staff if you get lost, though I will make sure there are signs and directions at the entrance to the cafe on session days) anyway once you walk your way through the little winding path of the gardens to the Chapel you will find us there…just come in, listen to the music and chill out!

All welcome!

Our aim is to relax through the joy of art and simple meditation, relaxation techniques. Together we will explore ways of turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts by using a creative focus. We will start each week with simple fun mark making exercises … remember NO experience of art or drawing needed…just have fun letting the pen take you where ever, when ever, how ever it wants.

Each week we will experiment with different techniques using various mediums.


A raccoon stole my coffee!

I’m so lucky to be living in London…not just for the vast array of places to visit and things to do…but for it’s incredible amount of fantastic independent coffee shops popping up all over the place.

It’s just incredible that over the past year or so I can map out at least 10 brilliant places that serve the best coffee in the world!!!!

This is going to be my blog…I’m going to write about my experiences of coffee…my own taste and my very own preferences!

I just love coffee and I try and drink at least two GREAT/PERFECT coffee’s a week…(even though I do drink a cup a day)…the rest are just mediocre to say the least.


So if I place Costa as an average 5/10 (this is because if I am desperate for a coffee…I can drink a Costa and it gives me a good enough caffeine kick. The coffee itself is burnt and bitter, but strong enough to get you along the way…when you are ‘Depresso get an Expresso’ as the saying goes.

5/10 My average cup! Drinkable but just... Costa

5/10 My average cup!
Drinkable but just…

But what about the PERFECT coffee?

Have I found it?


So strong, so smooth and so wonderfully mellow…both complex and balanced, a full bodied – creamy, clean taste. PERFECT!

10/10 PERFECT COFFEE Clockworks - Islington

Clockworks – Islington

The rest are great coffees which I absolutely love…

For me a great coffee is a small cup or glass, two shots and a little milk finished off with a tiny bit of brown molasses sugar…just because…well I like it!


9.8/10 Timberyard them!

9.8/10 Timberyard
Piccolo…love them!

9.5/10 Great stuff! Nude

9.5/10 Great stuff!


7.5/10 Wild Goose Leytonstone


8.50/10 Wick Lane


9.5/10 Freestate Holborn


8./10 Grind Westfields (Their Flat Whites are usually 9.5/10)

Let’s look at Barcelona’s emerging coffee scene…

When I visited Barcelona recently I was so disappointed. Coffee after coffee was way down below the my average Costa cup…if I’d seen a Costa I would have gone straight into one…at least I would have had a coffee. Instead I was continuously being served burnt, bitter, watery coffee.

Where were the coffee places in Barcelona?…surely Spanish coffee has always been the best…well to me it has…so has the London independents spoilt me rotten? …can I no longer take a mediocre cup of coffee?

So when I returned from my trip I started to do a little investigating and found out that apparently it wasn’t my lack of knowledge as a tourist, but the fact that Barcelona’s first ever proper coffee shop only opened last year!

Satan’s Coffee Corner in the Raval area.

And now it’s a fast growing industry with one popping up every few months…but you have to know where to look!

So I’m going again…this time with a list of recommendation from local Barcelonians  and the internet….


I shall keep you posted!

Sculptures from the earth…

 What is clay…but tiny pieces of natural rock, soil, minerals and organic matter…

and yet with a little imagination artists throughout the ages have invented many ways to use this little bit of our earth.

I believe playing with clay connects us to Mother Earth.

There is such an instinct…such a natural desire to shape, to touch, to transform, once that cool, wet lump of clay has been put in front of you.

Give a child a piece of clay…and watch that spontaneous sensory compulsion to create.

I use clay as a creative focus…it enables me to discover a mindfulness within. It has taught me to relax and I now use it as a tool for meditation.

porcelain disc Brenda Coyle 2014

Creating Mandalas

The word mandala is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit meaning circle.

It represents a wholeness, a never ending path a journey through life…

There are not hard edges or angles… the circle flows…symbolising continuity, unity and harmony.


Imagery through  meditation is a great tool for healing, restoring and enlightening our mind and body.

Used as a tool to absorb the mind…to cease those chattering thoughts, to enable our minds to run a little more free and able to heal through relaxation.