Sculptures from the earth…

 What is clay…but tiny pieces of natural rock, soil, minerals and organic matter…

and yet with a little imagination artists throughout the ages have invented many ways to use this little bit of our earth.

I believe playing with clay connects us to Mother Earth.

There is such an instinct…such a natural desire to shape, to touch, to transform, once that cool, wet lump of clay has been put in front of you.

Give a child a piece of clay…and watch that spontaneous sensory compulsion to create.

I use clay as a creative focus…it enables me to discover a mindfulness within. It has taught me to relax and I now use it as a tool for meditation.

porcelain disc Brenda Coyle 2014

Creating Mandalas

The word mandala is from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit meaning circle.

It represents a wholeness, a never ending path a journey through life…

There are not hard edges or angles… the circle flows…symbolising continuity, unity and harmony.


Imagery through  meditation is a great tool for healing, restoring and enlightening our mind and body.

Used as a tool to absorb the mind…to cease those chattering thoughts, to enable our minds to run a little more free and able to heal through relaxation.


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