Freelance artist Brenda Coyle's Art Exhibition

Art Exhibitions

As an East End artist, I work and play in London, enjoying all the multitude of creative stimulus that this exciting city offers.

My passion for history, art and crafts seems limitless and never tiring. I love exploring and discovering new skills and techniques and then mixing them all up!

I have been involved in many exhibitions, both solo and joint, and all have been tremendous fun. Take a look at the list below to see where I have showcased my work!

  • ❉  Kensington Palace
  • ❉  Queen’s Gallery – Buckingham Palace
  • ❉  Vestry House Museum
  • ❉  Museum of London
  • ❉  William Morris – Changing Rooms gallery
  • ❉  East London Photographic Festival – Spitalfields
  • ❉  ‘I do like to be beside the Leeside’ – Lee Valley Galleries
  • ❉  ‘Greenman’ – Redbridge Ilford Gallery
  • ❉  Balmoral Open
  • ❉  Walthamstow Arts Trail
  • ❉  Wanstead Arts Trail
  • ❉  Leytonstone Arts Trail
  • ❉  Horsebridge Arts Centre
  • ❉  Crockatt & Powell Bookshop – Waterloo
  • ❉  ‘Mezcolanza 2′ – Commercial Road Arts
  • ❉  Wood Street Pop-up Gallery
  • ❉  ‘The Visitors’ – Portugal/Spain
  • ❉  ‘Open Desk After School’ – Ragged School Museum
  • ❉  Preforming arts – Sutton House
  • ❉  Preforming arts – Hollow Pond
  • ❉  Geffrye Museum’s awards exhibition

I had so much fun showcasing my work. Getting feedback from fellow artists is both very rewarding and educational for myself at the same time, and it always gives inspiration to continue creating more pieces of artwork. So for that, I thank you all!

Selection of artwork from London Exhibits with freelance artist Brenda CoyleExhibit floor from London Exhibits with freelance artist Brenda CoyleGlass cabinet image from London Exhibits with freelance artist Brenda Coyle

I am always looking forward to my next project and exhibition where you can find me and see my work. My next venue will be listed below, so please come along just to say hi!

Somewhere in London!

My next exhibition has yet to be confirmed. Please visit again!