Painted Flowers Relaxation Through Art with freelance artist Brenda Coyle

Relaxation Through Art

Mindfulness is a proven technique to help with stress, depression and anxiety, yet many people find the practice of meditation either difficult, monotonous or just time-consuming.

Relaxation through Art is a personal practise that I have been developing and teaching since 2010, focused to bring a bit of fun into this sometimes-daunting mindful world and its aim is to show that there are many ways to manage your stress with a variety of relaxation art exercises and ideas to learn and practise in your everyday life.

My teaching style incorporates artistic knowledge with meditative coaching techniques. I believe that everyone can acquire the skills they need to make beautiful art. We are all different and each person requires a different approach to unlock their potential and promote self-confidence.

My aim is to empower my students to find their own paths.

- Brenda Coyle

Each session starts with a short, guided artistic meditation using various unique mark making exercises designed and inspired by ancient established approaches - to help students relax and de-stress. During each lesson we work toward producing a final art piece using any materials the students may have at hand - pastels, paints, colouring pens or just pencils etc.

Artwork from Relaxation Through Art with freelance artist Brenda CoyleBrenda Coyle sitting with artwork from Relaxation Through ArtWorkshop image from Relaxation Through Art with freelance artist Brenda Coyle

These classes are focused on creating regular meditative approaches to art, using minimum materials and very achievable daily goals. Students are invited to start an art practise which they can develop over time, which makes this course totally perfect for all age ranges and abilities. You don't need to be artistic or able to draw, all classes are about relaxing and helping you find a way to practice being mindful through art. There is never any pressure to create a masterpiece, though you will be amazed at all your final pieces!

Check out one of my Relaxation Through Art YouTube videos!

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This is an excellent way to build your confidence in art and explore an array of exciting and stimulating art techniques.

Painted Flowers Relaxation Through Art with freelance artist Brenda Coyle

Lollipop Flowers

Join me in creating some beautiful, relaxing Lollipop Flowers! You will need:

  • ❤   Watercolour paper (postcard size is perfect)
  • ❤   Watercolour paints
  • ❤   Watercolour pencils (use ordinary colouring pencils if these are not available)
  • ❤   Felt tip pen (dark colour)
  • ❤   Brush/water jar/kitchen towel.

These free videos are made for all my private students to enjoy... And please share your images... would be great to see what you do with this idea!

Contact me if you have any questions or need any help... Brenda xx

Video - Relaxation through Art -

Lollipop Flowers with artist Brenda Coyle

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